EmpowerRF: Life-Changing Women’s Wellness Therapies

“We are so excited to launch the new EmpowerRF treatment platform! It’s an exciting new treatment option that takes women’s wellness to the next level!”
– LK Beauty Med Spa by Leah

EmpowerRF, Many Treatment Options


EmpowerRF  |  Morpheus8V is a noninvasive in office treatment utilizing radio frequency or RF. It is the technical advancement of the Votiva device (which we were one of the leading providers in the country).  The treatments of Morpheus8V  require no general anesthesia, only locally placed numbing gel for some of them. This technology has long been used on the face for tackling wrinkles and dry sagging skin (like the jowls and around the mouth and eyes).   Key Benefits: We found it can help resolve painful intercourse due to dryness, laxity due to childbirth, and leaking with urinary incontinence.  Our retrospective study results  supported these these key EmpowerRF benefits. Plus, we found out that EmpowerRF also helps with overactive bladder or urge incontinence which previously had been a tough problem to relieve for women.

VTone | Pelvic Floor Rehab

VTone is a gentle, FDA cleared technology designed to provide intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and neuromuscular re-education to rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles, and address stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence. VTone’s two-sided tip inserts quickly and comfortably into the vaginal canal.


Votiva is a simple and quick nonsurgical procedure that is changing the lives of women who have experienced with vaginal laxity. The symptoms can range from painful dryness, unpleasant sexual intercourse, a feeling of being too loose inside, bladder leakage, itching and more. Votiva promotes healthy tissue growth by restoring the collagen in the deep layers of the tissue. It rejuvenates tissue and alleviates many common symptoms that women experience after childbirth, menopause, aging, cancer treatments and more. It is a safe and effective way to restore tissue without added hormones. FormaV is radio frequency which is applied inside and outside the vagina.  It feels like a hot stone massage.  Studies have shown that bipolar radio frequency resolved vaginal dryness and stress urinary incontinence better than any previous laser treatments.

AVIVA | In-office Labiaplasty

Aviva is ideal for women seeking aesthetic vaginal enhancements as well as function restoration in less than  twenty minutes and under local anesthesia in-office. This treatment is particularly beneficial for women wanting the results of a labiaplasty without the need for any excisions. With minimal invasion required, Aviva is great for patients desiring a natural looking result, with less downtime and minimal-to-no scarring.