Chemical Peel

Chemical peels in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ

Chemical Peels

Benefits of a Chemical Peels

It’s a human tendency to always want to look young. With aging, the upper most layer of our skin loses its youthfulness or freshness. So, what is the solution for looking young with aging? Chemical peels are one of the most cost effective solutions today. 

Chemical Peel is a procedure of applying chemical solution on the face which will turn into a peel and when it is removed from the face, it takes the top layer of the skin. The new skin will grow back quickly, which will be smoother and fresh. There are different types of Chemical peels available. Anyone can undergo this treatment according to their needs and type of the skin. Here at LK Beauty, Leah customizes the chemical peel for different clients according to their needs and goals.

There are mainly three types of Chemical Peels: Light, medium and deep chemical peels. All types of chemical peels are available at LK Beauty. According to your skin type, goals and needs, we will guide you through the best options and which chemical peel you should go with. One thing for sure that regardless of which chemical peel you choose, you will get amazing benefits!

Get Smoother Skin by Chemical Peel

A chemical peel can improve the texture of your skin by increasing collagen production and adding some volume. Regular chemical peels can help to smoothen the lines on your face which would be the result of fine lines, wrinkles and facial folds on the surface of your skin as a result of aging. Specially designed chemical peels can target breakouts of your skin due to acne. A chemical peel can be a great solution for your skin problems due to acne and age spots.

Chemical Peel Helps Reverse Sun Damage

Regular sun exposure or visiting tanning salons can give your skin sun damage. Many people don’t realize just how much damage they caused their skin in their younger years by sunbathing or visiting tanning salons, and once they do, it can feel like it’s too late. We want to let you know that it’s not too late, and there is a solution. Our peels can help treat sun damage and reverse that damage by increasing collagen and elastin production in the body.

Experience the Benefits of a Chemical face peels Today

Scheduling regular chemical peels can help you taking your skin care to the next level.

Contact LK Beauty Med Spa in Phoenix, AZ to know how our customized chemical peels can increase your confidence in your skin and your appearance.