Bio MicroNeedling

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Bio MicroNeedling
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Spongilla Spicules

SQT® Spongilla Spicules is a kind of siliceous biomicroneedles that is extracted from fresh water sponge


Spongilla Spicules Therapy

In just 5 minutes, 3,000,000 natural siliceous microneedles are directly introduced into the skin through hand massage


Safe and Effective

Compared with chemical or herbal peeling, SQT® therapy has NO SIDE EFFECTS, is suitable for all skin types and is all natural


What we can do for you

SQT® Revitalizing Beauty Set

Effective for all applicable skin types and used for following treatments
Melanin fading
Skin tone
Skin texture

SQT® Resurfacing Repair Set

Does wonder on a combination of skin types. Highly effective for following treatments
Acne prone skin
Acne bacteria
Acne mark fading and Scarring

SQT Spongilla Recovery Set

Highly effective for all skin types and underlying treatments
Moisturizing and healing
Skin sensitivity
Skin fragility

SQT® Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Set

Highly effective in skin rejuvenation and used for following
Anti Aging
Wrinkle Smoothening
Skin firming and lifting
Skin elasticity

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Effective for Acne, Acne scarring, pimples and blackheads treatment

Anti Aging

Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, redness and supports skin tightening


Effective for treating skin pigmentation, texture and redness