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Hydrafacial Phoenix

Everyone is born beautiful. And to add little more in the beauty everyone desires smooth, beautiful, young-looking and bright skin. People spend a whole lot of money on beauty oils, creams, essences, and serums and indulge into multiple skin-care routines / practices. It takes a whole lot of money and your time as well.

What is HydraFacial

A HydraFacial is one of the most powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments available today. A HydraFacial is a patented skin treatment. It is available in LK Beauty Med Spa / Dermatology office as well. It’s also sometimes called “hydradermabrasion” because it involves microdermabrasion-like exfoliation paired with hydrating serums. This process is consisted of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin. The word “Hydra” in Hydrafacial refers to its incredibly hydrating effect. This procedure is very fast and efficient, which only takes 30 minutes to complete and the results are instantly noticeable, with no recovery time needed.

HydraFacial wand vacuums pores and infuses the skin with moisturizing serums unlike any other microdermabrasion, which blasts the skin’s surface. That is why HydraFacial procedure is so soothing and refreshing.

A Hydrafacial improves and fixes :

  • Oily and acne-prone skin
  • Dry skin
  • Uneven skin tones
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Age Spots
  • Blackheads
  • Enlarged and clogged pores
  • Rosacea – a sensitive skin condition
  • Anti-aging 

Benefits of HydraFacial

  • HydraFacial is suitable for all skin types 

No matter which kind of skin you have, oily, dry, acne-prone or flaky, or you have the skin with combination of any of them, HydraFaical is going to provide you the best result. People with sensitive skin also enjoys the multiple session of HydraFacial at LK Beauty without any side effects on their skin.


  • HydraFacial is very gentle on the skin

HydraFacial involves exfoliation and extraction both, and despite of that, this process is painless, non-irritating and harmless on the skin. As it delivers hydrating serum, people who gets treated by HydraFacial enjoy smooth, radiant, healthy and glowing skin after the completion of the procedure. 


  • No downtime / zero downtime

HydraFacial procedure takes only 30 minutes to get completed. Even after the completion of the procedure you don’t need to wait for downtime. It doesn’t require even a little downtime. You can start doing makeup and live your active life soon after the procedure. 


  • Can be paired with other treatments too

HydraFacial treatment is non-invasive. That means that patients can receive certain other treatments too in conjunction with HydraFacial. 


  • HydraFacial treatment is fully customizable

At  LK Beauty, Leah can tailor / customize your HydraFacial treatment according to your unique skin needs and aesthetic goals. Skin boosters such as the Brightalive Boost or the Growth Factor Boost can be added to brighten the skin and remove fine lines and wrinkles if it is something your skin requires or listed in your goals. In addition, the suction power of the vacuum can be adjusted so that it works gentler in delicate spots, such as the eye area.


So if you wish / want to avail or enjoy or might want to try the HydraFacial treatment, LK Beauty Med Spa is ready to help you happily!